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World Water Day monitoring. This is an occasion to reflect on global issues and to reconsider the attitude to such a simple, but vitally important molecules.


Every year drinking water on the planet is becoming less. Hydrologists from the International Water Management Institute argue that the world’s fresh water only enough for 25 years. Nevertheless, we try to drink more and more to believe in the beneficial properties of H2O.



What kind of water and how much should eat to improve their health and forget about diseases and not to harm the world? In this article, we will put everything on the shelves (or rather, will pour into cups). Let’s start!


HLS rules state that you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. This led to the fact that adherents of a healthy way of life began to care more about the amount of water you drink per day, and do not always think of it as.



filled with formulas for calculation of the daily value of H2O, which take into account your weight, height and physical activity. On a healthy trends perfectly earn enterprising IT-person – creating hundreds of applications that remind you about the next water admission. But if our bodies need so much liquid as a “screaming” about the athletes and nutritionists?



On this topic there have been many studies. For example, Australian researchers proved that the excessive consumption of water leads to a decrease in the level of Na (sodium) in the body. This can cause fatigue and sleepiness, as well as mental disorders.



Other no less interesting study conducted in the Netherlands in 1980. Scientists are trying to understand whether there is a relationship between longevity and water ethics. As it turned out, the amount of water consumed does not affect mortality. The duration of the lives of those who drank the water less than normal, and those who drank a lot – is identical.



Odessa Gorky ( sanatorium supported the World Day of water quality monitoring initiative and decided to prove that water can not be treated worse medication pharmacy. By the way, “bitter” for 118 years managed to rehabilitate more than 780 thousand people from all over the world. Mineral water



the main wealth of the resort and medicine. It is extracted from the three wells that are located in the spas.


On the eve of September 18 Gorky sanatorium conducted its own “water investigation.” To do this, sanatorium patients were interviewed and conducted laboratory studies.


The results of the survey are impressive:


  • 98% of patients after undergoing a course of hydrotherapy improved health


  • 41% of respondents noted a reduction in pain in the joints


  • 37% – improvement in digestion and blunting gastritis (both elevated and reduced gastric acidity)


  • 15% – weight loss


  • 7% – reduction of swelling.



cheap experts. sanatorium water contains silver ions, which gives it a bactericidal properties. Water of medium and low salinity has a unique composition. The chlorides, sulfates and bicarbonates that are contained in water:


  • adjust the acidity of the stomach


  • improve metabolism


  • has a diuretic and choleretic effect


  • regulate pancreatic function



Also drinking water used in bathrooms procedures – mineral bath relax, increase the overall resistance of the organism and is reduced after trauma, stress.


How is it that determine the rate of water for human, we asked the resort staff. Doctors, more than 20 years engaged in hydrotherapy sanatorium them. Gorky, advised to listen to your body and include the conscious use of water:


“To determine the consumption rate is elementary simple – listen to your body and learn to distinguish between thirst and hunger. Turn on the function of “conscious drinking” – drink as much as your body asks. Much more important is the quality of water. Give up soft drinks, instead drink clean mineral water. Only such water is able to benefit the whole body. Do not chase fashion formulas and bright labels – listen to your body and be healthy! “

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