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When you are at military training, sleep becomes a luxury. Quite possibly, it only remains two to three hours a day. In this situation, there is nothing worse than lying on a sleeping bag with eyes closed, but without the slightest hint of sleep, and hope for a miracle.


You are completely exhausted. Get up after a couple of hours, and the incessant noise around is annoying and makes it difficult to fall asleep. And then there is a stone biting into your side. Or do you continue to mentally reproduce the events of the day, scrolling them over and over in fast rewind.


If you are awake, you quickly burn out emotionally and physically. You make the wrong decisions. You fail your comrades and become a burden.



That is what happened to the pilots of the United States during the Second World War. The management realized that many pilots, due to stress and insomnia provoked by them, make terrible and unnecessary mistakes. Shoot their own. They themselves are put under fire. Even during the rest the pilots could not relax and, as a result, could not sleep. As a result, stress accumulated, and so on until they made a fatal mistake.


The US Army Pilot School has developed a scientific methodology that allows you to fall asleep during the day or night, in any conditions, in just two minutes. After six weeks of practice, 96% of pilots could fall asleep in less than two minutes. Even after a cup of coffee and to the accompaniment of an artillery cannonade. Therefore, if you follow these tips, you will learn how to fall asleep for a baby in a matter of seconds.



Work with your living space

Rate the living space that is at your disposal. The advice may not seem too original, but it’s not scary. In fact, if you can stretch out to your full height, you are already one step ahead.

During the practice, pilots were taught to fall asleep while sitting in a chair. In such a position is not easy to sleep, especially if you are overworked. By the way, for this reason, the airlines came up with a business class. But the pilots fell asleep. Sitting in a chair, they put their legs on the entire foot and allowed their hands to hang limply on the sides.

Do not forget the orthopedic mattress and the dark room in which you can stretch out in complete silence, this is a huge bonus. Work with your living space, evaluate its merits, if necessary, make adjustments.

The face is the key to rest and serenity.

Now that you have taken a horizontal position and stretched to your full height, it’s time to think about your face. Think of it as the epicenter of your feelings and experiences. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply. Relax all 43 facial muscles – do not squint and do not frown. Your forehead should be perfectly smooth. Release all your muscles for free swimming. Exhale, feel the relaxed cheeks, mouth, tongue and jaw.


Your eyes are closed, but other than that they must be completely relaxed. To do this, allow the eyeballs to fall deep into the orbit. The orbits control six muscles; they must all be limp and lifeless.


When you relax your facial muscles and allow your eyes to drown in the depths of your sockets, you will send a signal to the rest of your body that it is time to rest.


Relax your upper body

It was the turn of the shoulder girdle. Let your shoulders sink as low as possible, as if they are drifting down your body. You should feel the stiffness of the muscles in the back of the neck. Allow all the muscles in this area to limp even harder.

Breathe deeply. Slowly exhale, with each exhalation, relieving tension and fatigue of the day.

Now hands. Start with the dominant side. If you are right handed, concentrate on the right bicep, feel the full relaxation in the muscle, release it. If there is no relaxation, first tighten the muscle and then let it go limp.

After biceps, go to the forearm, help him relax. Finally, move onto the brush and fingers. Let them drop dead weight near your feet. When finished with the dominant side, repeat the process on the opposite hand.

By this point, your upper body should already be relaxed and heavy. If so, you have done more than half the way.

What to say feet

Next stop – legs. Tell the muscles of the right thigh that it is time for them to fill with lead and lie down dead weight. Then say the same to the muscles of the right leg. After that, mentally speak the mantra to the ankles and feet. Feel how your muscles relax as your legs fall into bed.

Repeat the process with the left foot, turning to the thigh, left leg, ankle and foot.

By this time, you have relaxed every muscle in your body, from head to toe. It remains the case for small – it is necessary to turn a state of serenity into a deep and full sleep.

How not to think about anything

The last step is to clear the mind for 10 seconds. Just. Do not think about what went wrong today, what time to wake up tomorrow, when you need to call your work partners. All these things require movement. This means that just thinking about them is enough for your muscles to involuntarily contract.

Instead, you need to clear your mind. To do this, you can draw in the mind a static picture. Imagine that you are lying on a comfortable sofa, in a cozy and dark room. Hold the picture before your eyes for 10 seconds.

If it doesn’t help, say the words “don’t think … don’t think .. don’t think” again and again, at least for 10 seconds. This will clear your mind and stop the brain wandering amid the echoes of the events of a lived day.

When you are physically relaxed, and your mind completely stops for at least 10 seconds, you will fall asleep.


Imagine that you can fall asleep almost instantly. It does not matter what is going on around you, or how screwed up you feel. You know how to completely block all this background noise. If you know how to stop the body, shut off the mind and give yourself permission to restart, five minutes of free time will turn into a guaranteed nap.

Everything will be easier. Your thoughts will become clear. You will make better decisions. You will have more strength, you can demand more from your body, and so – day after day.

While the rest are tossing and turning in bed, fixing themselves on uneven bed or on loud snoring, you will have a military-tested method of quickly falling asleep. A technique that will help you to always be energetic, balanced, in perfect physical and mental form.




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