Best Games you must play this Year


The summer is over, but for the players the hottest season is just beginning. Until the end of 2018, the gaming community is waiting for the release of several cool projects at once: from small to high budget ones.


Destiny 2: Rejected

September begins with the release of the major add-on Rejected for Destiny 2 multiplayer role-playing action. In addition to the new storyline, game modes and raid, Bungie will also make big changes to the gameplay, the rewards system and weapons.

“Rejected” will send the heroes to several new places, including the City of Dreams, the largest location for high-level players. The authors will prepare several new sets of exotic equipment and weapons, including electric bow and rocket launcher, producing two projectiles simultaneously. Moreover, each game class will receive three new subclasses and superpowers.

Note that the owners of the PS4 console in September were much more fortunate. Destiny 2 is in the line of free projects for PS Plus subscribers. And although most of the games will be available next week, a multiplayer role-playing action is available now in the PS Store service.



Marvel continues to hold a leading position among kinokomiksov, but with the games the company in the past few years is not going well. Two projects should remedy this situation: the Square Enix Avengers game, about which there is practically no information, and Spider-Man for PS4, which is preparing for a quick exit.


The developers decided not to show the early years of the superhero and once again not to kill Uncle Ben. Instead, players will take control of an experienced crime fighter who has been protecting New Yorkers for several years. In “Spider-Man” you can find many references to the classic adventures of the hero, as well as meet with the significant enemies of the “friendly neighbor”: Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Norman Osborne, Kingpin, Silver Sable and others.


NBA LIVE 19 / NBA 2K19

The first project will allow players not only to create their own basketball player (using Game Face HD you can even scan your face), but also to take part in mixed matches between men and women. The authors of NBA 2K19 promise that they will continue to keep the bar high, as their game “more accurately conveys the culture and emotional charge of basketball.”


Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Do you miss adventure adventurers? In mid-September, players await the return of the legendary Lara Croft. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will continue the story of the formation of the heroine as a tomb raider. In the third part of the restarting, Miss Croft will save the world from the impending apocalypse predicted by the Maya.

Eidos Montreal has added a few important elements to the game. For example, due to the fact that the tombs will become deeper, the heroine has to spend a lot of time under water. Lara will also finally cease to be a victim and turn into a hunter: players will be able to use the environment and the shadows to gain an advantage over the enemies. In addition, the developers have created the largest hub (location) in the history of the series, where the girl sees the world, not affected by modern culture.


The game is a psychological thriller, where the main characters will be just three characters. Players will take part in the experiment in the framework of the digital simulation created by the sick mind of the scientist. A distinctive feature of the Transference will be the support of virtual reality: PS VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive.

Life is Strange 2

The first season of Life is Strange from the studio DONTNOD Entertainment at one time collected many awards. The story of the friendship of two girls fell in love with the players, and the development of the continuation was only a matter of time. The new season will tell the story of two brothers who were forced to leave home because of the tragedy that happened there.


The developers promise that the plot of the sequel will be as strong as in the original, where again there will be a place for superpowers. Players will once again face a difficult moral choice, on which the fate of the heroes will depend.



The end of the month will be a real holiday for fans of football simulators – FIFA 19 will be released on September 28. From the very announcement, EA has repeatedly noted that the new part will not be an improved version of last year’s game. In addition to the new virtual football animation, the authors added an improved active touch system, a new tactical scheme, as well as the ability to select the moment of impact.


In FIFA 19 also returns to the story mode, which unfolds the story of Alex Hunter. The career of a nineteen-year-old football player will continue in the Real Madrid team, he will try his hand at the Spanish Grande. In addition, in FIFA 19 there is a place and a kind of survival mode, where after a goal is scored the defending team will lose one player.










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