CSKA revenge “Roma” for the suffering of fans 



Akinfeev returned: CSKA revenge “Roma” for the suffering of fans

On the evening of November 7, Moscow’s CSKA will host the Italian Roma at the Luzhniki Stadium as part of the Champions League group stage. CSKA need a victory to maintain good chances of reaching the playoffs. In the last match with Roma, the red and blue suffered a crushing defeat on the background of an accident with fans who suffered in the Roman subway because of an escalator breakdown, but were themselves accused by the Italian authorities of inappropriate behavior.


On the evening of November 7, Moscow’s CSKA, within the framework of the Champions League, will receive the Italian Roma at the Luzhniki Stadium. At the main stadium of the World Cup – 2018 a month ago, the current winner of the Champions League Real Madrid (1: 0) was defeated . Russian fans have shown keen interest in meeting with the less status “Roma”.


“60,650 tickets for the match with Roma were sold. Over 1 thousand tickets have been sold to the fans of the Italian club, ”the press service of CSKA said.


However, will the fans see the victory of their team? Now the army team is clearly not in such good shape as they were when they were sensationally beating up the Spanish grand.


In the championship of Russia, Muscovites have recently suffered a painful defeat from Krasnodar (1: 2) in their field, although until the last minutes of the meeting they were in the lead. In addition, the red and blue in the last match could not beat the capital “Dynamo” (0: 0), which is located on the 11th place in the standings.


In the Champions League, the most recent result of Viktor Goncharenko’s charges is a defeat away from the same Roma (0: 3). Definitely not the best memories.


Maybe it is even good that by the will of the calendar compilers, the army team had the opportunity to meet with the Italians right after the defeat, while emotions are still alive and there is a burning desire to get even.

roma is Second in the table and CSKA at Third……

In addition, a certain amount of motivation in red and blue can add the fact that on the eve of the match in Rome, CSKA fans suffered in the local subway.


Due to the breakdown of the escalator at Repubblica station, 16 fans of the army club, who came to the game from Russia, received injuries of varying severity, and one of them was even threatened with an amputation of his leg, which, fortunately, was avoided.


The mayor of Rome and the officials tried to blame the CSKA fans themselves for everything, who allegedly drunk jumped on the escalator, which led to his breakdown.


However, the police of Rome after the investigation reported that the fans of CSKA did not commit rash actions at the time of the escalator breakdown – there were no massive jumps and dances. Later it also became clear that the escalator required repair in 2015.


On the eve of the meeting between CSKA and Roma at Luzhniki, it became known that the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs would award three red-blue fans – Anatoly Rybakov , Maxim Hyshov and  Dmitry Pavlov – who actively provided first aid. injured in the roman metro.


These fans turned out to be doctors, which may have played a part in what we managed to circumvent without victims.

“We will reward doctors for their courage,” TASS quotes the words of the Committee Chairman Mikhail Degtyarev .

General Director of CSKA Roman Babayev also promised that all the victims will be assisted. The media reported that the club really took over all the expenses of fans in distress – both for medical care and for buying air tickets from Rome to Moscow, since most of them missed return flights due to treatment.
A beautiful point in this whole story would be the victory of CSKA over Roma in the second leg.


Fortunately, the composition of the army rather militant. The only question is participation in the match of Alan Dzagoev and injured striker Abel Hernandez (who almost did not play for the club due to permanent damage), but everyone else is already in the ranks. A serious help will be a return to the composition of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev , who did not play with the Italians on the road due to disqualification.


Red and blue now really need a victory over “Roma” – this will allow them to maintain real chances of getting out of the group. In case of loss of points in this meeting, CSKA is likely to be able to take only third place in the quartet and go to the second most prestigious tournament – the Europa League. Unless, of course, by some miracle he won’t beat Real in December. So it is better now to win “Roma”.

CSKA head coach Viktor Goncharenko on the eve of the match complained that his team lacked stability.


“If we take the match in Rome, we had a good start for half an hour, as with Real, and with Victoria the start was not very good. Not enough stability, balance.



In the championship, we also have good matches, but not enough experience to put pressure on an opponent. I can not say that we will rely on active actions in the first minutes. It is necessary to play correctly not only at the beginning, but the entire match, ”the UEFA website quotes the specialist.


Mentor “Roma” Eusebio Di Francesco, on the contrary, I am sure that the army has no shortage of experience:

“CSKA has a young team, but it also has enough experience. Forwards CSKA perfectly stretch the defense of the opponent. We need to play better than in Rome. CSKA showed excellent aggression in the match against Real Madrid, and it will be supported by fans.

When it comes to playing aggressively, it’s not the person who enters the field, but the state in which you approach the match, your psychology is important.
We lack stability, and in the long run it is of great importance. ”



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