Hackers have revealed the inside story of football



Football Leaks has published financial documents related to the President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), Gianni Infantino, and the owner of the Monaco football club, Dmitry Rybolovlev. They are accused of financial fraud. News.ru read the documents.

Who are Football Leaks


Initially this is a blog located at footballleaks2015.wordpress.com. He is known for publishing secret documents, obtained, of course, illegally. But they turn a blind eye to this, since thanks to these documents a part of the background of football is revealed.

For the first time the blog declared itself in 2015. Information about the secret agreement between Twente and Doyen Sports had the effect of a bombshell. In exchange for € 3.3 million, Doyen received a part of the rights to seven Twente players. Including 30% of the future transfer of Quincy Promes.


In the course of its own investigation, the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) found the information true and removed “Twente” from European cups for three years.

On this Football Leaks did not calm down, and we learned that:

– when moving to Barcelona, ​​Neymar received a lifting of € 8.5 million, and his salary in Catalonia was € 77 thousand per week;

– “Santos” earned € 190 million for Neymar, and Tottenham Hotspot for Gareth Bale – more than € 100 million.

Under the spotlight, the Football Leaks turned out to be Cristiano Ronaldo. This blog reported that the 33-year-old Portuguese hides money offshore in the Virgin Islands. And the story of the rape of Catherine Mayorgi is largely based on documents obtained by Football Leaks.

Why Ronaldo – it became clear later. It turned out that the author of the blog is Portuguese, who appears as John. He speaks fluently in five European languages, studies two more, including Russian. Set up meetings for journalists in Eastern Europe. All this suggested that a group of international hackers was hiding behind Football Leaks. Either pursuing some of their goals, or really concerned about the triumph of justice and legality.


In any case, over time, journalists joined the Football Leaks. Primarily from the German Der Spiegel. They created the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) – an association of journalists specializing in private investigations. This group includes publications from France, Belgium, Spain. In addition – the British The Sunday Times and the Portuguese Expresso.

About 60 journalists are already working on the project. And they have a lot of work – John sent them more than 18 million documents. Having dealt with the smaller part, EIC released a new series of revelations.



The first part concerns the figure of the President of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Gianni Infantino. True, in 2011–2013, the Swiss held a modest post of general secretary of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). But this was enough to provide cover for the powerful worlds of this.

We are talking about the English “Manchester City” and the French PSG. Both clubs had already passed into possession of the Arab sheikhs. The first in 2008 was bought by Sheikh Mansur ibn Zayed Al Nahyan, and the second in 2011 by Sheikh Nasser-Ghanim Al-Helaifi.

Both clubs by that time had a budget deficit, which threatened them with serious sanctions. Up to exclusion from the Champions League.

As it turned out, thanks to Football Leaks, in August 2012, PSG overestimated the sponsorship contract with the Qatar Ministry of Tourism (QTA) 70 times. The Parisians earned € 215 million per year (€ 1.075 billion over five years), while UEFA independent experts estimated the real cost to be insignificant € 2.8 million.

Manchester City, in turn, underestimated losses by five times – indicating € 45 million instead of real € 233 million.


Infantino hurry up on time. Gianni was active, met several times with the leaders of Man City and PSG, and found a convenient option for everyone. Instead of excluding from European cups, in May 2014, UEFA fined clubs € 20 million.

Whether the borzoi puppies got into their pockets the faithful Infantino – the conductor through the jungle of financial fair play – remains a mystery.


The 51-year-old Russian billionaire is not the first to be involved in the investigations of Football Leaks. At the end of 2016, we learned that Dmitry Rybolovlev allegedly created the secret fund of Third Party Ownership. He was needed to buy up the rights to football players and launder money in favor of the company Gestifute, which is owned by agent Jorge Mendez.


And now, in its next investigation, the EIC accused the owner of Monaco of financial irregularities. Like, Rybolovlev “pumped” into the princely club € 140 million through fictitious sponsorship contracts and offshore accounts in Hong Kong and the Virgin Islands.

In fact, he was doing the same thing as the sheikhs, – he was looking for ways to bypass the financial fair play. And AIM Sport AG helped him in this. By agreement with this company, Monaco was to receive € 1.4 billion in the next ten years.


UEFA classified this transaction as suspicious, conducted its own investigation. As a result, Monaco was fined € 13 million.








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