PSG will lose everything: Is the Champions League, Neymar and Mbapppe?






The French “Paris Saint-Germain” can be eliminated from the Champions League after the publication of Fotball Leaks. UEFA has resumed an investigation into the club due to information about excessive sponsorship. Real Madrid is monitoring the situation and is ready to buy Neymar or Kilian Mbappé.


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) resumed consideration of the case against the French Paris Saint-Germain regarding the situation with possible violations of the Financial Fair Play club, introduced a few years ago.
L’Equipe reports that for violating the rules of FFP “PSG” can be excluded from the Champions League.


If such a sanction is imposed, it will not extend to the current season, in which the champions of League 1 fight Italian Napoli, English Liverpool and the Serbian Red Star in one of the most interesting groups of the main European club tournament.
But the disqualification, which starts the action with the season-2019/20, may extend to more than one draw.


The reason for the resumption of the investigation against the club owned by Qatari emir Tamim Al-Thani club began exposing the organization of independent journalists, Football Leaks.
“PSG” has become one of the main “heroes” of publications in which unknown journalists expose corruption in European football.


In particular, Football Leaks led the documents according to which the Qatari emir bought the club and created the BeIn Sports sports channel in France in exchange for a promise to get the right to host the World Cup in 2020, given not by anyone, but by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.


Mishchel Platini acted as the executor of the terms of the contract, who at that time headed UEFA, then applied for the presidency of FIFA, and now dismissed for eight years from football activities by the ethics committee of the International Football Federation.
PSG was also mentioned as one of the top European clubs serving as a joint pool and intending to organize their own closed Super League.


In addition, Football Leaks journalists published shocking details of the conditions on which superstar forwards Neymar and Kilian Mbappa joined the club.


Moreover, if Neymar was outraged, calling the information (including that he gets bonuses for exemplary behavior and greetings from fans) fake, then his teammate simply noted that the behavior standards of football stars dictate the conditions of the modern market.


But the main series of documents, due to which the consideration of the case against the French club was resumed, was a publication about the violations of the rules of FFP by Parisians, which Gianni Infantino helped them avoid serious punishment for.


In total, according to journalists, a total of 1.8 billion euros was invested in the club, bypassing the fair play rules.


Despite the public denial of the “PSG” recently published information, UEFA has already announced that the new circumstances may lead to a review of the results of cases of previous years.


In the event that the bypass of the FPP by the French is confirmed, they may face more than an exception to European cups. It is possible that in order to cover losses, following the rules, they will have to sell players for certain amounts, which in this case will be practically space ones.


This situation will automatically lead to the need for parting with Neymar and Mbappa, which were acquired from Barcelona and Monaco for € 222 and 180 million, respectively.
It is reported that Real Madrid will be the main contender for the attackers, who has long been interested in both and even competed with PSG for Mbappa when he played for Monaco.
If the opportunity arises, the president of the “royal club” Florentino Perez will be ready to fork out for one or two superstars of Parisians at once.

It remains only to wait for the UEFA investigation, which is unlikely to be fast, given the complexity of the situation.


The current FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, who held the post of UEFA general secretary four years ago, held closed meetings with the leaders of PSG and another club investigative journalist, the English Manchester City, which resulted in both clubs avoiding the most severe punishments and escaped fines of 20 million euros by entering into agreements with the Union of European Football Associations.



According to the Football Leaks investigation, both clubs, which are owned by one of the richest people in the Middle East, had a serious budget deficit from 2011 to 2013, which categorically contradicts the rules of FFP and leads, according to the rules, to exclusion from the Champions League.


“PSG”, according to the terms of the sponsorship contract with the Qatar Ministry of Tourism, from 2011 to 2013 received 215 million euros per year, and experts employed by UEFA estimated the real market value of the contract at just 2.8 million euros.

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