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germany vs russia




The Russian national team with defeat lost to the German team in the test match. The meeting, held in Leipzig, ended with the score 3-0 in favor of the wards Joachim Loew.


On November 15, at the Red Bull Arena stadium in Leipzig, a test match took place, in which the Russian national team largely lost to the German national team. The meeting ended with the score 3: 0 in favor of “Bundestim”.


Even before the match, Stanislav Cherchesov surprised the starting lineup.
In the attack from the first minutes came the Brazilian Russian Ari. The forward of Krasnodar, having received Russian citizenship in July of this year, was for the first time called on November 12 for the national team.
This was largely forced: in connection with a knee injury, the striker of the Zenit St. Petersburg , as well as the captain of the Russian team Artem Dzyuba, was forced to miss fees . Ari was announced instead, and the captain’s armband was transferred to Brazilian Russian teammate Yury Gazinsky .


Also in the starting lineup, the defender of CSKA Moscow Kirill Nababkin , called in the national team for the first time since February 2013, came out . The 32-year-old defender took a place on the right flank of the defense, where his team-mate Mario Fernandez was usually on duty .


However, another naturalized Brazilian was also forced to miss the match due to injury.
On the opposite flank was located Konstantin Rausch , for whom returning to Germany was a special motivation.


He, by the way, local fans recalled his decision to renounce German citizenship, having arranged a “warm welcome”. Every time a whistle was heard at the address of the Russian defender, and in a couple of episodes the fans threw garbage and scraps of paper from the stands at all in Rausch. In the center of defense, Cherchesov left a pair of George Jikia and another former German, Roman Neustedter .


From the very first minutes the German national team, which entered the game with Russia with an experimental squad, took the ball under control and began to put pressure on the Russian defenders.


The Germans organized the first approach to our penalty area in the 3rd minute, but Jikia interrupted the Leroy Zane’s chamber. After a few moments, the defender of “Spartacus” several times successfully played the lead, and the defense of the Russian team looked exactly and balanced.


Tilo Kerer saw the opening of Serge Gnabri , who broke into the free zone and ran behind Jikia. The 23-year-old midfielder of the Bavaria quickly navigated and shot into the zone of the 11-meter mark, where the lonely Leroy Zane was already on duty.



One-touch German midfielder struck into the far corner, but  Andrei Lunev did not help out. 1: 0 – the German national team took the lead.
After the ball conceded, the Russian footballers ran to recoup. The main focus of the attack was on the left flank, where Rausch and Aleksey Ionov were the most active  .


A good opportunity to restore balance appeared in ten minutes. Zane in front of his penalty fouls on Ionov, but after hitting Rausch the ball flew far above the gate.


Less than a minute later, Alexander Erokhin almost scored : Ari threw the ball at Ionov, he noticed the connection of the midfielder “Zenith” and rolled it under attack. But Alexander struck just above the crossbar.


No sooner had the team Cherchesova clean up the ball to his feet, as the German national team again seized the initiative and increased the momentum in the attack. It brought its fruits in the middle of the first half.



At the 25th minute, “Bundestim” earned another corner, which Yozua Kimmich volunteered to perform . After his submission, Antonio Rüdiger jumped out above everyone , throwing the ball exactly on Nicklas Süle’s leg.


Defender of “Bavaria”, having processed the ball, struck exactly into the far corner and doubled the advantage of the German national team – 2: 0.


Despite the comfortable advantage, the wards of Joachim Loew did not reduce the pressure and in the 33rd minute they almost brought the score to crushing. Timo Werner , who shifted from the center to the right flank, made an excellent pass to Gnabry on the course, but he did not reach the ball a bit.


Periodically, at the stadium in Leipzig, Russian fans were clearly heard. By the way, about 700 people came to support the Russian national team in the test match in Germany.
However, against the backdrop of loud slogans “Forward, Russia!” German footballers were running ahead. A few minutes before the first half of the meeting, Zane was again the most active on his flank, beat Nababkin and hung on the far post where Kerer was running. At the last moment, the German was ahead of Rausch, who skillfully threw off the ball with Lunev’s breast.


After a few moments, Konstantin could distinguish himself in the attack: having made a cool interception, Rausch made the transfer to Ari, but the team’s novice didn’t manage to handle the ball.


Kai Khavets, having received the ball in front of the penalty, gave an accurate pass to Gnabri, who went one on one with the goalkeeper and outplayed Lunev.


Despite the fact that changes in the composition suggested themselves, Cherchesov did not resort to substitutions, and in the second half the same players appeared on the field. And at the very beginning of the second half of the meeting, the Russians could otkvitat one goal.


At first, Ari did not reach the ball slightly after Alexey Miranchuk ‘s lumbago , and in the next attack, Ionov burst into the penalty area, removed the defender on the backswing and shot through. But the ball passed near the bar.


At the 55th minute, Cherchesov decided to modify the line of attack and released Anton Zabolotny instead of Ari, and after a few moments another Anton appeared on the field – Miranchuk, who replaced his brother Alexei.


High pressure and pressure from the Russian team on the defense of the German national team in a goal scored could not pour out. From the first effective action was the yellow card, received Erokhin.


The midfielder of the Russian national team roughly rolled under  Jonas Hector , who, due to injury, was forced to leave the field.


The attack “updated” and Leo, firing in the middle of the second half, Julian Brandt , Thomas Muller and Leon Goretsky. As a result, this troika, with the support of Niko Schulz, almost scored the fourth goal against Lunev.





Brandt grabbed the ball in another side of the field, ran to the counter, gave it to the free Goretsku, who rolled it back to the course of Schultz. He ran up to the front, shot at the goalkeeper, and Muller did not have quite a bit to close the transfer.


At the end of the meeting, the teams exchanged sharp attacks, but they did not manage to change the score on the scoreboard. 3-0 – the German national team defeated Russia.
Already on November 20, Stanislav Cherchesov’s wards are to hold the final meeting of the group stage of the League of Nations and play away against the Swedish team.

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