Dubai police will use Russian hoverbikes

dubai Russian hoverbikes



Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, continues to actively integrate new technologies into its daily life. We have already heard about the army of police robots, fire brigades using jetpacks, as well as unmanned vehicles patrolling city streets. Now the city government wants to provide the representatives of the law and order of the city with another futuristic invention – hoverbikes.


More than a year ago, the Russian company Hoversurf brought a prototype of hoverbike painted in the official colors of the local police (green and white) to the GITEX technology exhibition in Dubai . The locals were so interested in this development that it was decided to think about how to equip police personnel with such devices.


And now, a year later, a new version of the flying machine was brought to Dubai with the possibility of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL). Thanks to the agreement signed a year earlier, the Dubai police got the first serial device with which the officers are trained.



According to Dubai’s brigadier Khalid Nasser Al-Razuki, head of the Dubai police’s smart services department, using eVTOL will make it much faster to respond to challenges and reach hard-to-reach places. The head of the department also added that the active use of hoverbikes is planned to be organized by 2020.



According to Hoversurf CEO Joseph Segura-Conne, hard training will make it easy to manage a hoverbike. He also added that the Dubai police have the exclusive right to order as many vehicles as it needs.


For an ordinary person such a pleasure will cost 150,000 per unit. Orders are taken now, however, Segura-Conne explains that the flying vehicle is transferred to a person only when the company is convinced of the competence of the owner to fly it.


According to some third-party experts, such devices actually “will be very limited in capabilities,” if we are talking about direct police work, but “riding such things is really fun.” The main limitations are primarily related to battery technology. In the future, the use of new materials in batteries, for example, the same graphene, should fix the problem.


Representatives of Hoversurf commented on this statement that they are already working on this issue. The effectiveness of the device can be increased either by new batteries, or by more efficient power plants. With regards to the latter, the company has already developed a system of ring fans, which is smaller and quieter and more importantly more efficient than the propeller version of a system with a similar burden. However, it is planned to integrate the new system only in future models of hoverbike.


Production is planned to start in several countries at once. One of the UAE and directly the city of Dubai. The company’s plans also include the release of a model designed for two passengers. She is going to submit it “in the next four to five months” and will start selling in 2020.

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