Hackers stole Bitcoins for 177 thousand dollars, pretending to be Ilon Mask



The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk, unwittingly helped unknown hackers to steal bitcoins from the innocent Twitter users for a total of 177 thousand US dollars, reports the BBC .

The fact that fraudsters are trying to extort cryptocurrency from users of the microblogging service, masquerading as Ilona Mask, became known several months ago. So, from February 2018, under the tweets of the head of Tesla and SpaceX regularly appeared fake copy profiles, which extorted money from users. Often, the bots offered to send them a bit of Ethereum cryptocurrency, promising to return several times more.

The problem has reached a serious scale – as a result, the service developers have introduced automatic blocking of accounts in case of a change of the owner’s name to “Ilon Mask”. At the same time , Mask himself recently fell victim to the algorithm , who jokingly suggested to the subscriber to buy Bitcoins, parodying the messages of fraudsters. As a result, microblogging Mask was temporarily blocked.

This time the fraudsters acted far more sophisticatedly. First, they hacked into accounts of companies that had previously been verified and received confirmation in the form of a blue check mark next to the name of the account. After hacking, the hackers renamed the microblogging to Twitter Mask and me the user’s picture to the one that the entrepreneur uses. After that, they published records about the distribution of cryptocurrencies – but first, users had to translate some bitcoins to criminals. As a result, fraudsters were able to earn over trusting users more than 177 thousand dollars, writes Slate .

Total criminals hacked more than ten accounts. Among them were the microblogging of the British film studio Pathe UK, the American publishing house Pantheon Books, the clothing store Matalan, and the accounts of two US congressmen from the Democratic Party. Later, the owners regained access to their accounts and apologized to users.

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