Samsung’s flexible display will be the future of mobile technology



Samsung at the conference SDC 2018 announced the opening of voice assistant Bixby for third-party developers. Previously, the company built assistant only in their own products, but now it can be done by other firms. The new feature will be an excellent option for those who want to live in the Samsung ecosystem.

Using the example of a typical space hotel booking, the developers showed how Bixby interacts with the necessary interfaces. As noted by Samsung, it promises to make an assistant so open that developers can do anything.


In the coming months, the company plans to add support for several languages, including German, French and Spanish. English and Spanish will be localized for the UK and Spain, respectively (at the moment they are localized only for the US).


But the main surprise of the event, as was expected and discussed on the Web in recent weeks, was the debut demonstration of Samsung’s flexible display, called Infinity Flex. Innovative development is still at the prototype stage, but the company still ventured to present it to the public and show what the user interface will look like.


The display uses the technology of flexible panels, and for this Samsung even had to develop a new protective layer with an advanced polymer, which can be both flexible and rigid at the same time. The company also demonstrated a prototype of a device with a bendable screen, which at first glance looks cumbersome. When folded, the device really looks like a smartphone: it displays information such as weather and time. Opening it, the user gets access to a miniature tablet with a 7.3-inch display. In expanded form, the user can run three applications at the same time thanks to the Multi-Active Window feature.

Google was also present at the conference, which confirmed the close cooperation of the two companies and announced important news – Android will support folding screens and all applications will smoothly adapt on the big screen. 





Mass production of Infinity Flex displays will begin in the coming months. But with a Samsung smartphone has not yet decided. The company is not yet ready to name the exact dates for the appearance of the folding device on the market, but noted that this will happen “soon”.  



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