Twitter may refuse “likes”



The microblogging service Twitter can opt out of the “I like” button under user posts to improve the quality of discussions.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph , the founder and head of Twitter Jack Dorsey recently announced his intention to abandon the likes at one of the company’s internal events. According to Dorsey, he himself doesn’t like the “I like” button and would like to “get rid of it” “soon”.

Twitter introduced “likes” in early November 2015 – clicking on this button under someone’s tweet translates the entry into the category of favorites. Previously, an “asterisk” was used for this, but the company decided that the “heart” is a more universal symbol, understandable to the people of every culture, reminds RBC .

“As we have said, we are revising everything related to the service in order to stimulate healthy communication, which includes the button I like. We are in the early stages of work and do not plan to talk about it right now,” commented the publication of the British newspaper on Twitter.

In turn, Brandon Borrman, vice president of communications for the company, said that the timing of a possible rejection of the likes has not yet been determined.

Note that the most welcome innovation for Twitter for many users is the ability to edit posts. Jack Dorsey, at the end of 2016, acknowledged that the introduction of this function in one form or another is really necessary, but it was never implemented.

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