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iOS 12


Having designed iOS 12 in its current state, Apple has done a really great job. The company managed not only to increase the speed and increase the functionality of the mobile OSes, but also to increase the level of its security. How much safer iOS 12 has become compared to previous builds.



Fixed vulnerabilities in iOS 12



As it turned out, in the firmware of the Bluetooth modules, some iPhones and iPads had vulnerabilities that interfered with user traffic and also allowed users to execute arbitrary code on the device and gain access to system privileges.




Due to flaws in the IOMobileFrameBuffer component and problems of input validation in the iOS system core, applications installed on the device could have limited access to the data stored in the memory.




Sometimes, the history of web pages viewed was not completely deleted, while retaining the ability to view a list of visited resources. In addition, some sites could receive confidential information when the user activated the data auto-complete function.


Important innovations of iOS 12:


  • One-time SMS passwords are now visible in the keyboard hints;
  • Improved tracking protection in Safari;
  • Encrypted video chats (will appear later);
  • The ability to share your location with the security services (available only in the US);
  • Lock USB-accessories when unauthorized connections;
  • Checking passwords with a built-in password manager for reuse;
  • Auto-complete passwords from third-party password managers.


As for the many predictive functions of iOS 12, such as all sorts of hints, they all work solely at the expense of AI. It is thanks to laboratory intelligence and neural networks that the system can perform the necessary calculations on the device and not transmit sensitive data to Apple servers.

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As expected, the focus of the design of the updated OS for mobile platforms, the developers of the company paid to the performance of compatible devices and the elimination of bugs that prevented their lightning-fast work.

First of all, on iOS 12 applications will run 40% faster compared to the previous iteration, regardless of the device. This means that even the iPhone 5s, which many have managed to bury, will please their owners with improved performance.

For more convenience, Apple has released a new application Shortcuts. With it, it is even easier to set up a series of actions in various applications and perform them with one touch or a simple voice command. And developers can easily tap into this new feature using the open source API of the application.



Public beta iOS 12

In addition to the tenth beta of iOS 12 for developers, Apple introduced iOS 12 beta 8 for all participants in the beta testing program. A public update has the same build number as the closed version, which means it is its absolute clone in terms of functionality.



What’s new in iOS 12 beta 8


  • New welcome screen for “Messages”;
  • Updated the “Measure” application icon;
  • Albums in Apple Music can now be displayed in 16 x 9 format;
  • Added a gesture training screen for iPad.



In addition, iOS 12.1 solves a problem that prevents charging of some iPhone models when the display is off, and also ensures stable operation of the iPhone XS and XS Max in LTE and Wi-Fi networks at a frequency of 5 GHz. The latest flaw is observed on many copies of the iPhone XS and XS Max since the release, preventing comfortable work with the Internet. It is also expected the elimination of failure, causing some iPhone models to hang when interacting with the Phone application.


How to install the beta iOS 12.1


To install the beta version of iOS 12.1 on your device, you need to do the following steps:

  • First of all, it is recommended to backup all data, because in case of failure you will lose all of them;
  • Then upload the developer profile to the device. You can download it by this link;
  • After downloading, a dialog box appears asking you to allow the use of profile settings. Agree;
  • Now in the window that opens, click on the “Install” button, then – “Restart”;
  • After installing the profile, it remains only to go to the section with the software update in the Settings application and download the current iOS 12.1 beta build.
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