Zuckerberg bans iPhone at Facebook office


Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has banned its employees from using any Apple products. Now the company only allows gadgets on the Android operating system.

The decision was made after a conflict with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who accused the social network of spying on its users.

In an interview with MSNBC, Apple’s director called “eerie” targeted ads that chase users based on their personal data, Reedus reports .

Following the announcement of Cook, Apple introduced the ability to block cross-tracking on sites on its devices. This function prevents the exchange of logs between web resources, minimizing the number of banners with advertising of those products that users viewed earlier.

Earlier, News.ru reported that Apple users unexpectedly encountered a blocking Apple ID . To restore access, users need to answer questions or enter a phone number, and some even need to reset passwords.



Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg obliged his top managers to use phones on the Android operating system, after Tim Cook in an interview criticized the policy of using data from users of a social network, writes The New York Times (NYT).




“We are not going to trade your private life,” – said the head of Apple in an interview with MSNBC in March 2018, thus contrasting his company with Facebook. Soon after, Mr Zuckerberg announced to his managers that from now on they should only use mobile devices on the Android operating system.


The interview came out shortly after the data breach scandal of 87 million Facebook users , which was used by the British analytical firm Cambridge Analytica to develop algorithms for promoting political advertising during the US elections. “The inviolability of personal information is one of the basic human rights for us. This is civil liberty. ”

Facebook responded to the NYT investigation, specifically mentioning the Android story. Tim Cook has repeatedly criticized our business model and Mark has always made it clear that he does not agree with criticism, the company writes, and Facebookhas long encouraged its employees and managers to use Android, because it is the most popular operating system in the world

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