In Saudi Arabia, demanding the king and heir

 Saudi Arabia, demanding the king and heir




In Saudi Arabia, a non-systemic opposition group has emerged that openly calls for the removal from office of not only Crown Prince Mohammed, but also his father, King Salman. The dissident organization called “Together for the sake of effective leadership” expresses a desire to see on the throne the king’s brother — Prince Ahmed, who returned to Saudi Arabia after a long stay in Great Britain.




The opposition group consists of journalists, former politicians, as well as acting Saudi officials. In a common statementthey argue that the king and his son did not live up to the expectations of the citizens of the country in connection with the conduct of an “irresponsible and aggressive” policy. 




Oppositionists recommend Prince Ahmed to be appointed head of state for a transitional period, that is, “until people can determine the future of the state.” The members of “Together for the sake of effective leadership” believe that the king’s brother must overthrow the crown prince, because Ahmed is one of the few who demonstrate a “desire to save the country” and who is unknown to any serious crimes in the past. The statement of the dissident group criticized the policy of Prince Mohammed, who is called “unfit for government”. It was his line, according to the opposition, led to the “historical crisis” in which Saudi Arabia found itself.

The fact that the disgraced uncle of the crown prince returns to Saudi Arabia, previously reportedDavid Hirst, chief editor of the Middle East Eye portal. An informed source told the journalist that “members of the royal family realized that Prince Mohammed bin Salman was becoming toxic.” Prince Ahmed seems to have been assigned the role of initiator of reforms in the leadership of the kingdom. 



According to Hirst sources, Ahmed returned to Saudi Arabia after he was given guarantees by Western intelligence agencies that he would not be executed or arrested.




 The brother of King Salman in 2017 was the representative of the Family Council of Fidelity – the body that determines the order of succession to the throne. When the question of who would be the crown prince was decided, the uncle of Prince Mohammed spoke out strongly against his appointment. It is noted that even after Prince Mohammed was elected heir to the throne, Prince Ahmed did not swear allegiance to him,



The new opposition bloc criticized such actions of the Saudi crown prince as “the suppression of reformers, the arrest of children, old men and women, the war in Yemen, the Qatari blockade and participation in direct negotiations with Israel.” The dissident organization, which includes six political opposition movements, claims to have issued a statement after consultations and in coordination with a wide range of Saudi representatives, including the armed forces and security agencies. The opposition called for the release of all prisoners who are held in Saudi prisons for political reasons. The authors of the statement note that the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashoggi in the royal consulate in Istanbul was the last straw in the crimes committed by Riyadh.



Indeed, the scandal surrounding the death of a journalist, famous for his revelations about the “inner kitchen” of the Saudi ruling house, turned out to be an inordinate blow to the image of the Crown Prince. The latest data on the telephone conversation that took place between the alleged killer of Khashoggi and his boss indicates that Prince Mohammed may be personally involved in the crime committed in the diplomatic mission of the Arabian monarchy. 



Record of the conversation, which managed to get and spread Turkish intelligence, said that the bloody crime was high-ranking customers. So, the alleged killer asks his companion to convey to “his boss” that the job is done. People from the Turkish security services call the record “the most serious evidence” of Prince Mohammed’s guilt.



At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the return of Prince Ahmed, the published statement of the alleged opposition and other “manifestations of democracy” in the kingdom are nothing but the activity of Saudi special services raising the degree of public freedom for outside audiences.

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