Habib Nurmagomedov presents his autobiography

Habib Nurmagomedov





Nurmagomedov, winner of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight championship belt, will present an autobiographical book in late November.


presentation will take place in Moscow at the end of November. The book is called “Khabib Time”. In his instagram, the fighter reported that work on its creation was carried out for two years.



Nurmagomedov has been keeping the UFC champion belt in lightweight since April 2018. He has 27 battles according to the rules of mixed martial arts, in all he won a victory.
Earlier, the media did not include Habib  Nurmagomedov among the most influential people of the UFC.


The Russian UFC lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov , who visited Nigeria on a charitable mission, spoke about his trip.


In Africa, people live, die from hunger. Since childhood, I had a dream to help with something. It is not necessary to be a billionaire. If you have two rubles, you can already help, give a ruble.


People think I do not have the opportunity to help someone. But the opportunity to help is always there.


In Nigeria, people say that they are fine and they do not need anything. They need to pull out these words, understand what they need. But in the village, which is slightly distant from the capital, problems are already visible. They do not even have normal water.



There are plans to help. Until about April, we will plan everything, in March – April we will arrive here again, ”Nurmagomedov told Alif-TV channel.


Russian MMA fighter  Habib Nurmagomedov is not included in the list of the most influential people in the history of the UFC,


The rating, which was compiled by the American media holding ESPN, was shared by the current UFC head  Dana White and former promotion director Lorenzo Fertitta.


In this case, the Irish fighter Conor McGregor , whom Nurmagomedov defeated in the championship match with the help of a suffocating technique, took the fifth line.
Earlier it was reported that Habib Nurmagomedov is in Nigeria with a charitable mission.


The last meeting between Nurmagomedov and Vasilyev took place the day before, when the head of Dagestan awarded the fighter the Order For Services to the Republic of Dagestan, and his father Abdulmanap for the achievements in physical culture and sports in the Republic of Dagestan.


At the same time, Vasiliev called on Nurmagomedov to interact with him in the interests of Russia, Dagestan and mixed martial arts.


In the first half of October, Habib Nurmagomedov won the UFC lightweight champion title in a fight with the Irishman Conor MacGregor .


After the battle, the Russian and his team members took part in a mass brawl with representatives of the Irish and themselves. Later Nurmagomedov explained the incident by insulting him, his father, Islam, Russia and Dagestan.


Habib Nurmagomedov may not fly to Las Vegas for a meeting of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which will decide on the date of suspension and financial sanctions against an athlete for a fight after winning  Conor MacGregor at UFC 229.



Russian UFC fighter Habib Nurmagomedov, who won by strangling in a fight for the title of organization champion in lightweight Irishman Conor MacGregor, spoke out in a sharp manner, saying that he would not fly to hear the fights of the Nevada Athletic Commission about the fight that had happened after the fight.


Recall that the duel of the Russian and Irish fighters was preceded by mutual attacks of athletes.
For several years, Nurmagomedov provoked an opponent, who was then a champion, calling him “chicken” (or “rooster”) and challenging him, while McGregor did not remain in debt and already during the promotion of the battle he insulted the Russian himself, as well as his father and coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and manager Ali Abdel-Aziz.


Immediately after the end of the fight at UFC 229, where the Irishman surrendered in the fourth round after the opponent’s suffocating reception, Habib jumped over the octagon fence and rushed to his opponent’s sparring partner and his fight coach Dillon Denis, who allegedly insulted the Russian during the fight.


At the same time, Habib Abubakar’s cousin, as well as his friends and training partners, such as Zubair Tuhugov , who entered into a fight with McGregor, got into Octagon .
As a result, the Nevada Athletic Commission opened a case against both fighters, investigating the circumstances of the incident.


At first, the organization froze the Nurmagomedov’s fee for the fight, but later returned to him half of the official earnings for the UFC fight – $ 1 million. At the same time, both Habib and Conor were suspended first during the commission’s trial, and after the first meeting on their case on October 24, the suspension period was extended until December 10th. It is at this time that the commission should make a final decision on the imposition or absence of disciplinary sanctions against the fighters.


“I will not go to the meeting in Vegas. I’m innocent, I just defended my family and religion. If they want to punish me, let them take the money and put me off for ten years. I don’t care, ”Habib’s interview with the Turkish UFC Turkiye channel leads.
At the same time, MMA Junkie reporter John Morgan questioned the likelihood of the interview.


“I did not find the record [of Habib’s interview with the Turkish channel] (and even if I did, I don’t know Turkish), but wrote to Ali Abdel-Aziz. He replied that this is absolute nonsense and Habib will absolutely appear at the meeting, ”wrote Morgan on his twitter.


Recall that after the victory over McGregor, Jabi Nurmagomedov publicly speaks mostly not about continuing his career in the UFC, but fighting according to the rules of boxing with Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Earlier, with the unbeaten American who had a record 50 victories in the professional ring, MacGregor had just boxed, and that event had a deafening commercial success.
It is obvious that Nurmagomedov and his team, after winning the Irish, also decided to earn the maximum possible amount of money, especially as the status of a Russian in the world really rose to previously unprecedented heights.


However, many people are skeptical about the idea of ​​such a fight and believe that it will not come further, and Habib will return to the octagon and will most likely fight with  Tony Ferguson , who is now the main contender for the championship belt, and the Russian has already had four fights times.


Immediately after the defeat at UFC 229, MacGregor demanded a rematch, but did not meet here with an understanding of the opponent’s environment, where he was treated with hostility and scorn.


However, the Irishman, who immediately went on a tour of the cities of America to advertise the whiskey he had released under his own brand, quickly declared that he was ready to defeat other applicants first and then go to battle with Nurmagomedov.


The Russian fighter himself is currently reaping the fruits of his victory and the glory that has fallen on him. Habib has already met with Russian President Vladimir Putin , as well as the head of Turkey, Recep Erdogan .


Now, in the schedule of the first Russian champion in the UFC history, there is a meeting with another head of state – Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Khalil Al Sisi.


Also, the manager of the fighter said recently that he could now completely complete his career, since he earned enough money to feel rich. However, if Nurmagomedov does appear at the meeting in Las Vegas, this will mean that he has not yet said his last word in the UFC.

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