“No Boxing”: UFC calls Mayweather to fight Habib


The head of the UFC,  Dana White, explained the conditions under which a fight could take place between the Russian mixed martial artist Habib Nurmagomedov and the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. According to him, the battle will be held solely by the rules of MMA.


The story of the historic fight between the Russian UFC lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov and the undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather is gaining new momentum. What no one could even think of at the beginning of October has all chances to exist. The organization of the battle has already been expressed by the head of the Absolute Fighting Championship, Dan White, who also stressed the conditions under which the meeting between Nurmagomedov and Mayweather Jr. could become real.

“If Mayweather wants to fight, then let him come and fight. But fights in the UFC, not by boxing rules. Once we passed it. That’s enough, ”TMZ portal quotes White.


The head of the UFC hinted at the fight of the American boxer with the Irish fighter of mixed martial arts (MMA) Conor McGregor , which took place on August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas. Recall that the fight for the special belt of the WBC Money Belt was held according to the boxing rules and ended with Mayweather’s victory by technical knockout in the tenth round.


After that fight, the American, who in his career scored 50 victories in all 50 fights (27 by knockout), announced his retirement from the professional ring. However, a few months later, Mayweather announced his intention to hold a rematch with McGregor and was even ready to fight according to the rules of MMA. For a while, the American boxer was training in the Octagon, and his manager claimed to have negotiations with the UFC.


However, the matter did not move further, but after a scandalous episode with an attack on a bus with UFC fighters, among whom was Nurmagomedov, he served a sentence in the form of public works and attending anger management lectures, and then returned to the Absolute Fighting Championship.


The first fight of the Irish after returning to the UFC was the fight against Habib, which took place on the night of October 6-7, Moscow time in Las Vegas.
The standoff ended with an early victory for the Russian in the fourth round after a suffocating reception from behind.


MacGregor himself after the fight expressed a desire to have a revenge, while the Nurmagomedov side excluded this option. Soon, the undefeated Russian UFC lightweight champion in a joking manner spoke of his intention to meet Mayweather in the ring and even suggested where the historic match could take place.


“I met with the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation Umar Kremlev . We discussed the fight with Mayweather. We want the fight to take place in Moscow at the legendary Luzhniki arena. We are confident that we will collect 100 thousand spectators, and also set a world record for the sale of paid broadcasts. And the most important thing is that my father will be in the corner. You don’t need a visa to Moscow. Question to my fans: do you believe in me? Or do you also think that he will cut me down in a boxing fight? ”- wrote Nurmagomedov in his instagram.



Moreover, the Russian businessman, the founder of The Money Team Russia, Timofey Kurgin, shared information that Mayweather Jr. resumed negotiations on signing a contract with the UFC for the sake of a fight with Habib.


“I know that Floyd is negotiating with the UFC. If they sign a contract, then I think there will be more than a nine-digit amount in it.


Right now, Habib cannot sell his battles as well as Conor. But Habib’s popularity in the world is growing fast. The battle between Floyd and Conor brought in more than $ 600 million. If Habib’s fight brings at least half of this amount, then this is not a bad thing.


Of course, Floyd is better known in the world, but Habib is a Russian fighter who has just won a historic battle. I think Habib is much more popular in our country, ”RT businessman quotes.


However, after that the information about the next possible rival Nurmagomedov appeared in the network, and it turned out to be not at all Mayweather.
According to Frujuice Athletics, the UFC intends to organize a battle against Habib against the former welterweight and middleweight title holder Georges St. Pierre.
In the asset Nurmagomedova 27 fights in which he did not suffer a single defeat. St. Pierre in his career spent 28 fights, 26 of which ended in victory for the Canadian fighter.

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