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Undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is seriously determined to fight with the Russian UFC champ  Habib Nurmagomedov . It is not yet known what the rules might be for the duel, but Mayweather has already met with UFC President Dana White, where he discussed a possible fight with the Dagestan Eagle.


Rumors about the future of the champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) in lightweight champion Habib Numragomedov are full of various versions. The Dagestan Eagle and the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather literally clung to the idea of ​​an in-person fight.


The main difficulty of the potential confrontation between Nurmagomedov and Floyd lies in the rules by which they must fight. In the UFC, they absolutely do not want to let Eagle go to boxing, but Habib himself is not against compromising and holding two fights with the undefeated boxer – once by the rules of mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing.


Mayweather decided to move to decisive actions from numerous statements – he went directly to the UFC head Dana White and discussed a possible duel with the Eagle, which, apparently, gave a definite impetus to the development of the situation. If earlier promotion categorically refused to fight, then now in the UFC refrain from unambiguous answers. The fight can take place, but only by the rules of MMA.



“Yesterday I met with Floyd’s team in Los Angeles. I do not want people to think that we have come to an agreement, ”White began.


“There will be no boxing fight between Nurmagomedov and Mayweiser. Of course, if Habib really wants this, then we can talk, but I absolutely do not like this idea. We’ll see how everything goes, ”he says MMAWeekly.


However, the head of the organization itself remains at its previous position – there will not be a fight according to the rules of mixed martial arts. Despite the potential earnings, the UFC are not interested in changing the format of the battles.
In this case, take Floyd as a fighter of promotion is always ready.


“I do not think that the battle between Habib and Floyd will take place. It is unlikely that Mayweiser wants to enter the cage, but they did not say no either. Once we came to boxing, now it’s his turn. Floyd has a reason to fight UFC guys – that’s a lot of money. It is obvious that for us there is a benefit in this, but I do not do this type of fighting. If Floyd wants to come, then we are waiting for him, because he said that he trained in wrestling, ”said White.


Recall that in the summer of 2017, one MMA fighter decided to fight in a professional ring, and even immediately with Mayweather. It was  Conor McGregor , who fell after being beaten by an American in the tenth round. The fight then really brought a substantial fee to both. Mayweather received about $ 100 million, the Irishman – about $ 30 million. All Nurmagomedov’s statements do not give an exact answer about his preferences – martial arts or boxing. He is quite ready to fight with Mayweather by any rules, although he probably realizes that strike technique is his weak point. Therefore, the Eagle will be much more confident in the octagon. Habib hinted to Mayweather on social networks to a duel in a cage, leaving a video with a boxer in the octagon.


The fight by boxing rules attracts Habib with what can happen in Russia. The athlete has already met with the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation Umar Kremlin , saying that he would like to fight with Mayweather in Luzhniki, where his father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov will be able to attend . Recall that Nurmagomedov Sr. does not attend his son’s fights in the United States, because he still cannot get a visa.
One of the last rumors about the future of Habib was his possible battle with the Canadian Georges Saint-Pierre. Both fighters have repeatedly expressed interest in the fight, which gave the press a reason for reflection. Another thing is that the 37-year-old Saint-Pierre is not all right with his health, and he hasn’t left the cage for a year.


In addition, the Canadian is quite impressive in comparison with Nurmagomedov and won the belt as an average and welterweight. There are no prerequisites for moving Habib to another division, and Saint-Pierre himself, even if he wants, is unlikely to make the necessary weight for the light category.
But, most importantly, the UFC does not want this at all.


“Nurmagomedov is the loudest story in MMA at the moment. He is the best fighter in this sport. I live in Canada. Saint Pierre is our Habib. And now everyone is discussing the battle of Habib and Georges.



But Saint-Pierre said that all this is just a rumor. Nobody talked to him about this fight. Georges also explained that the UFC does not want it to go into light weight, ”MMAMania quotes the expert on mixed martial arts Robin Black.


Dana White , by the way, advised Nurmagomedov to devote all his attention to the second defense of the title and the proceedings with the Nevada Athletic Commission about the UFC 229 fight.


“His interest should be in defending the UFC champion title. He should focus on that. When issues with the commission are resolved, Habib will defend the champion title, ”said the head of the promotion.


The most likely rival of Nurmagomedov for protection is the first number of lightweights Tony Ferguson with a record of 24-3. In a battle of applicants for UFC 229, an American in a spectacular confrontation with a technical knockout took the victory from  Anthony Pettis , practically guaranteeing himself a fight with Habib.

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